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B. Ashraf Ali, Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern, Dominique ThéveninDPM/DEM approach for modelling crystal dynamics in a batch crystallizer.Feb 4th-6th 2013,  MaCKiE-2013IIT-Madras.

B. Ashraf Ali, Andreas Seidel-Morgenstern, Dominique Thévenin,"Flow and crystal dynamics in a crystallization reactor". 2nd Indo-German Workshop on “Advances in Reaction and Separation Processes”. 20-22 February 2012 ,Bad Herrenalb, Germany.

B.Ashraf Ali, M. T. Bhoite, S. Pushpavanam“Euler Lagrangian simulation / PIV experiments of two phase gas-liquid systems: point source injection at the center”. International Conference on Modeling, Optimization and Computing, NIT-Durgapur , AIP ConfProc. 1298, 91 (2010).

B.Ashraf Ali, S.Pushpavanam. “Gas-liquid flow in a rectangular bubble column tank through needle sparger : PIV” Tenth Asian Symposium on Visualization (2010),Chennai.

B.Ashraf Ali, S. Pushpavanam, “Hydrodynamic behavior of Bubble columns with a corner gas source : Comparison of experiments with Euler-Eulerian (EE) and Euler-Lagrangian (EL) simulations”- REACH, International Symposium on "Thermodynamics and Transport Processes" (Poster presentation – Dec, 2010),IIT-Madras, Chennai-36.

B.Ashraf Ali, S.Pushpavanam. “Investigation of hydrodynamic characteristics of gas-liquid flow in a rectangular bubble column reactor: PIV/CFD”CHEMCON-2009Visakhapatnam.

B.Ashraf Ali, S. Pushpavanam, “Hydrodynamics of buoyancy driven flows”-Indo-German workshop on advances in reaction and separation processes (Poster presentation - 2008), Chennai-36.

B.Ashraf Ali, S. Pushpavanam, “Experimental and numerical investigation of gas-liquid flow in bubble column reactor”. Indo-German workshop on advances in reaction and separation processes (Key note Lectures - 2008), IIT-Madras, Chennai-36.

B.Ashraf Ali, S.Pushpavanam, “Experimental and numerical analysis of mixing analysis in bubble column reactor”. 23rd National Convention of Chemical Engineers, IIT-Roorkee,(2007)50-62.

B.Ashraf Ali, S. Pushpavanam, “Hydrodynamics of liquid circulation induced by a bubble plume, International conference on modeling and simulation”. CITICOMSCoimbatoreVol-I (2007)53-58.


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