Enzyme Engineering and Technology (IB711)


M.Tech (IB)




Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

04 (3-1-0)


Introduction: Nomenclature, specificity of enzyme action, monomeric and oligomeric enzymes; Kinetic and chemical mechanisms of enzyme catalysed reactions:bioenergetics, factors affecting rate of reaction, kinetics of uncatalysed reactions, initial velocity studies, nature of enzyme catalysis; Kinetics of single-substrate enzyme-catalysed reactions:Michaelis-Menten equations, Lineweaver-Burk plot, Eadie-Hofstee and Hanes plot etc.; Enzyme inhibition: reversible and irreversible inhibition.; Kinetics of multisubstrate enzyme-catalysed reactions; Chemical nature of enzyme catalysis: acid-base, electrostatic, covalent, enzyme catalysis.; Extraction and purification of enzymes; Immobilized biocatalysis: Reasons of immobilization, different types of carrier materials, immobilization methods, Kinetics.; Uses of enzymes in Industry: Starch industry, Milk processing, Cheese making, Brewing, Fruit juice productiondetrgent etc.


Enzymes-Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Clinical Chemistry by Trevor Palmer, Affiliated East-west press ltd. New Delhi 2004. Biocatalysis-Biochemical fundamentals and applications by Peter Grunwald, Imperial College press, London 2009. Enzyme Technology, Preparation, Purification, Stabilization, Immobilization: Recent Advances (Biotechnology review) S.Torrey, Noyes Pubns ,1983 Enzyme Technology by HF Chaplin and C Bucke, Cambridge Univ. Press, 1990


Chemical Engineering

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