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Conferences/Workshops Organized

Recent Challenges in Atmospheric and Earth Sciences 2014 in December 2014.


Conferences attended

1.     Jagannathan T K, Sanat K Kumar, Michael Rubinstein, Gary S Grest,  Rouse Mode analysis of chain relaxation in homopolymer melts, Macromolecules (Under Revised Review)

2.     Jagannathan, T.K., Yamamoto U., Schweizer K., Grest, G.S., Kumar, S.K. Diffusion of nanoparticles in polymer nanocompositesPhysical Review Letters 112, pp. 108301, 2014.

3.     Jagannathan, T.K., Srijith, M., and Nagarajan, R. Mechanistic modeling of destratification in cryogenic storage tanks using ultrasonics. Ultrasonics 54, pp. 76-83, 2014

4.     Jagannathan, T.K., Grest, G.S. Kumar, S.K., Universal viscosity behavior of Polymer NanocompositesPhysical Review Letters 109 (19), pp.  198301, 2012

5.     Jagannathan T.K., Nagarajan. R., Ramamurthy, K.  Effect of ultrasound on bubble breakup within the mixing chamber of an effervescent atomizer. Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process IntensificationVol. 50, pp. 305-311, 2011.

6.     Jagannathan, T.K., Srijith, M., and Nagarajan, R. (2009). Experimental investigation of high-frequency, high-intensity ultrasonics for thermal destratification of liquids stored in insulated containers: Effect of storage pressure. IntJournal of Transport Phenomena,Vol. 11, No. 4, pp. 283-308, 2010.

7.     Jagannathan, T.K., and Nagarajan, R. Investigation of acoustic cavitation energy in ultrasonic tanks. Journal of Pure and Applied Ultrasonics Vol. 32 (4), 2010.


Workshops Attended

··SERCSchool on Recent Advanced Measurement Techniques in Multi phase Systems during 25-27 April, 2007 at UICT, Mumbai, India  (Learnt optical and acoustic measurement techniques to measure flow velocity from lectures and experimental demonstration)

· SERCSchool on Cavitationally induced Physical and Chemical Transformations: Fundamentals and Applications during 9-12 Oct, 2006 at UICT, Mumbai, India  (Learnt about acoustic cavitation theory and its applications in processing industries from lectures and experimental demonstration)

Vanderbilt/Columbia molecular modeling cybercamp, May 2011, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA, (Training and lectures on LAMMPSVMDGPU computing)




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