Hari Mahalingam - Publications


1.       R. Kumar, H. Mahalingam and K.K. Tiwari, Theoretical analysis of mass transfer in a droplet moving down in supercritical carbon dioxide environment, Int. J. ChemEng. Applications, 6(3), 190-194, 2015

2.      S. Singh, P.K. Singh and H. Mahalingam, A novel and effective strewn polymer-supported titanium dioxide photocatalyst for environmental remediation, J. Mat. EnvSci., 6(2), 349-358, 2015

3.      S. Singh, P.K. Singh and H. Mahalingam, An Effective and Low-Cost TiO2/Polystyrene Floating Photocatalyst for Environmental Remediation, Int. J. Env. Res., 9(2), 535-5442015

4.      S. Singh, P.K. Singh and H. Mahalingam, Novel floating Ag+-doped TiO2/PS photocatalysts for treatment of dye wastewater, IndEngChem. Res., 53(42), 16332-16340, 2014

5.      S. Ramesh, H. Mahalingam and N.J. RaoMathematicalModeling of Drying of Black Liquor Droplets in Recovery Boilers, Int. J. ChemEng. Applications, 5(1), 1-5, 2014

6.      S. Singh. D.P. Chand, A. Chaki, A. Raghuvanshi, P.K. Singh and H. Mahalingam, A novel polystyrene-supported Titanium Dioxide photocatalyst for degradation of Methyl Orange and Methylene Blue dyes under UV Irradiation, J. ChemEng. (IEB), 28 (1), 9 – 13, 2013

7.      S. Singh, H. Mahalingam and P.K. Singh, Polymer-supported titanium dioxide photocatalysts for environmental remediation: A review, Applied Catalysis A: General, 462-463, 178-195, 2013

8.      S. Ramesh, A.S. Chaurasia, H. Mahalingam & N.J. Rao, Kinetics of devolatilization of black liquor droplets in chemical recover boilers: Pyrolysis of dry black liquor solids, Int. J. ChemEng. Applications, 4(1), 1-5, 2013

9.      R. Kumar, H. Mahalingam and K.K. Tiwari, Modeling of droplet composition in supercritical antisolvent process: Part A,  Int. J. ChemEng. Applications, 3(6), 456-460 , 2012

10.   I.A. Karimi, M. Sharafali and H. Mahalingam, Scheduling tank container movements for chemical logistics, AIChE J, 51(1), 178-197, 2005

11.    M. Hari and R.B.H. Tan, A dynamic systems approach to mixing in circulating flows, ChemEng. Tech., 25(8), 811-818, 2002

12.   M. Hari and R.B.H. Tan, Mixing in circulating flows, ChemEng. J, 73(1), 29-35, 1999

13.   R. Senthil Kumar, M. Hari, L.R. Miranda and M. Velan, Hydrodynamic characteristics of a tapered fluidized bed reactor, Hungarian J. IndChem., 25(4), 281-286, 1997


Presentations in conferences

1. S. Singh, H. Mahalingam and P.K. Singh, An effective strewn silver ion-doped polystyrene-supported floating titania photocatalyst for treatment of dye wastewaters under UV and natural sunlight, 3rd Water Research Conference, Shenzhen, China, January, 2015

2. S. Singh, H. Mahalingam and P.K. Singh, Effective and robust impregnated and strewn polystyrene-supported floating titanium dioxide photocatalysts: Preparation, characterization and comparison, International conference on Energy, Environment, Materials and Safety (ICEEMS’14), Cochin, India, December 10-12, 2014

3. R. Kumar, H. Mahalingam and K.K. TiwariEffect of solvent on droplet size in supercritical antisolvent process5th International conference Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering (ICBEE 2013), New Delhi, India, September 2013

4. R. Kumar, H. Mahalingam and K.K. TiwariEffect of process parameters on droplet size in supercritical antisolvent process, International conference on Advances in Chemical Engineering, NIT Raipur, April 2013

5. R. Kumar, H. Mahalingam and K.K. TiwariDroplet dynamics in Supercritical Antisolvent Processes5th International conference Chemical, Biological and Environmental Engineering (ICBEE 2012), Phuket, Thailand, September 2012. Published in APCBEE Procedia (Elsevier), 9, 181-186, 2014

6. I.A. Karimi, M. Sharafali and H. MahalingamAn Event-Based Approach to the Management of Empty Tank Containers, INFORMS 2003, Atlanta, USA, October 2003

7. M. Hari and R.B.H. Tan, A dynamical systems approach to mixing in stirred tanks, Mixing XVIIIPoconos, USA, June 2001

8. M. Hari and R.B.H. TanMixing in circulating flows, Mixing XVII, Banff, Canada, August 1999


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