Statistical and Irreversible Thermodynamics (CH706)


M.Tech (CH)


Programme Core (PC)

Credits (L-T-P): 

04 (3-1-0)


Fundamental concepts of classical and statistical thermodynamics, thermodynamic properties of multicomponent multiphase systems from equation of state, Intermolecular forces and potential energy functions, molecular theory of corresponding states, fugacities in liquid mixtures, theories of solution, solubilities of gases in liquids, solubilities of solids in liquids, high pressure equilibria, generation of multicomponent phase equilibria data by computer calculations. Introduction to irreversible thermodynamics: evaluation of thermodynamic properties by classical and empirical methods.


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4. J. M. Prausnitz, T. F. Andersons, E.A Grens, C. A. Eckert, R. Hsieh and J. P. OÇonnell, Computer calculations for vapour liquid equilibria, Prentice Hall, 1980

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