Vidya Shetty K



Date of Joining at NITK: 

Friday, October 20, 2000

Professional Experience: 

> 27 years

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+91-824-2473606 (off)
Academic Background
  •  B.E. (Chemical Engg.) Bangalore University, India
  •  M.Tech. (Industrial Pollution Control) (KREC (now NITK) Surathkal, Mangalore University), India
  •  Ph.D. NITK Surathkal, India
Areas of Interest

Wastewater treatment, Water Disinfection, Environmental biotechnology, Bioleaching of metals from  e-waste and utilization,  Biosynthesis of Nanoparticles/nanocomposites, Nano-photocatalysis,  Bio-composites, Modelling and Simulation.

Complete Profile

Significant Projects
  1. DST Joint  Research Grant under Water Technology Initiative (WTI)  sanctioned to Prof. Vidya Shetty K for collaborative Research Project with IIT Bombay  for a project titled “ Integrated Photocatalytic and Membrane Bioreactor Process for Effective Removal of Emerging Contaminants and Disinfection” with total funding of 72.32 lakhs (for  NITK (Rs.22.8 lakhs); three years duration from 2021-24 (Ongoing).
  2. DST-SERB Project “Batch and Continuous Photocatalytic Degradation of Azo dyes using Ag core-TiO2 Shell Structured Nanoparticles in Free and Immobilized form” Cost: 20.39 lakhs 2011-2013 (Two years).
  3. MHRD-NMEICT Project “Development of Virtual lab-Process Control Reaction   Engg. & Unit  Operations lab” Rs.16.6 Lakhs 2010-2014. Developed a virtual lab which is available online.
  4. Coordinator and member of Project implementation committee for DST- FIST-2014 funded by DST ,GoI for Departmental infrastructure development for Rs. 220 lakhs. 
Supervision of Ph.D

Ongoing: 04
Completed: 08

Significant Publications
  1. Deekshitha, Vidya Shetty K., (2021), Solar light active biogenic titanium dioxide embedded silver oxide (AgO/Ag2O@TiO2) nanocomposite structures for dye degradation by photocatalysis .Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing. 132, 105923.
  2. Dekshitha Kulal and Vidya Shetty K., (2021), Visible light mediated photocatalytic dye degradation using Ag2O/AgO-TiO2 nanocomposite synthesized by extracellular bacterial mediated synthesis - An eco-friendly approach for pollution abatement,Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 9 (4), 105389  DOI: .
  3. Dhanashree J Gadgil and Vidya Shetty K., (2021), Suspended and polycaprolactone immobilized Ag @TiO2/polyaniline nanocomposites for water disinfection and endotoxin degradation by visible and solar light-mediated photocatalysis. Environ Sci Pollut Res 28, 12780–12791 (2021). DOI:
  4. Shankramma Kalikeriand Vidya Shetty K., (2021), Auto-combustion synthesis of narrow band-gap bismuth ferrite nanoparticles for solar photocatalysis to remediate azo dye containing water. Environ Sci Pollut Res 28, 12144–12152 (2021). DOI:
  5. Amruta S. Shet & Vidya Shetty K., (2020), TiO2 nanofluid for oxygen mass transfer intensification in pulsed plate column, Chemical Engineering Communications, DOI: 10.1080/00986445.2020.1808467
  6. Veni Ramachandran Nair, Vidya Shetty K., (2020), Floating bed reactor for visible light induced photocatalytic degradation of Acid Yellow 17 using polyaniline-TiO2 nanocomposites immobilized on polystyrene cubes. Environ Sci Pollut Res 27, 14441–14453.
  7. Sreeja S, Vidya Shetty K., (2017), Photocatalytic water disinfection under solar irradiation by Ag@TiO2 core-shell structured nanoparticles, Solar Energy, 157, 236-243.
  8. Shet,A, Vidya Shetty K., (2016), Solar light mediated photocatalytic degradation of phenol using Ag core-TiO2shell (Ag@TiO2) nanoparticles in batch and fluidized bed reactor, Solar Energy. DOI: 10.1016/j.solener.2015.12.049.
  9. Aishwarya Devadiga, Vidya Shetty K., M.B. Saidutta (2017), Highly stable silver nanoparticles synthesized using Terminalia catappa leaves as antibacterial agent and colorimetric mercury sensor, Materials Letters, 207, 66-71.
  10. Akshaya Jagannath, Vidya Shetty K., M.B.Saidutta (2017), Bioleaching of copper from electronic waste using Acinetobacter sp. Cr B2 in a pulsed plate column operated in batch and sequential batch mode, Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 5(2), 1599: 1607
  11. A.Khanna, Vidya Shetty K., (2014), Solar light induced photocatalytic degradation of Reactive Blue 220 (RB-220) dye with highly efficient Ag@TiO2 core–shell nanoparticles: A comparison with UV photocatalysis. Solar Energy. 99; 67-76 DOI: 10.1016/j.solener.2013.10.032
  12. Narayani M, Vidya Shetty K., (2012), Characteristics of a novel Acinetobacter sp. and its kinetics in hexavalent chromium bioreduction. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology. 22(5), 690-698 DOI: 10.4014/jmb.1110.10073
  13. Vidya Shetty K., S Nandennavar, G Srinikethan (2008), Artificial neural networks model for the prediction of steady state phenol biodegradation in a pulsed plate bioreactor. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology. 83(9) 1181-1189 DOI: 10.1002/jctb.1892
  14. Vidya Shetty K., Dheeraj Kumar Verma, G. Srinikethan (2011), Modelling and simulation of steady-state phenol degradation in a pulsed plate bioreactor with immobilised cells of Nocardiahydrocarbonoxydans. Bioprocess Biosyst Eng. 34:45-56 DOI: 10.1007/s00449-010-0445-3
  15. Hora.A, Vidya Shetty K., (2014), Inhibitory and stimulating effect of single and multi-metal ions on hexavalent chromium reduction by Acinetobacter sp. Cr-B2. World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology.30(12); 3211-3219 DOI: 10.1007/s11274-014-1748-3
  1. Recipient of  Prof. Satish Dhawan Young Engineer State Award  for the Year 2017 for outstanding achievements in the field of Engineering Sciences:  Instituted by  Govt of Karnataka :Award received on August 6 2018 from Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka at Indian Institute of Science in the presence of Prof .C.N.R Rao and IISc Director Prof. Anurag Kumar. 
  2. Recipient of Institution  of Engineers Mangalore Local Centre Young Engineer Award: Presented at the Engineers Day celebration on 15th September 2018 organized by Institute of Engineers, Mangalore Local Centre, Kodagu , Dakshina Kannada , Udupi Engineers’ Association and Institution of Engineers ,Mangalore branch
  3. Recognition as ‘Distinguished Alumnus’ by M S Ramaiah Institute   of Technology, Bangalore. Received the Honour  during the Alumni Meet Milana -2018 held on 18th August 2018 at MSRIT
  4. Visiting Researcher at Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada for Research Interactions with Prof.Vinay Prasad during June 15 to July 4 2014 ( three weeks.)
  5. Visiting Researcher at Department of Environmental Engineering, Kyung Hee University,Suwon, South Korea for two and a half months during May-July 2011, for collaborative research with Prof.Chang Kyoo Yoo.
  6. Visiting Researcher at Center for Environmental Biotechnology, The Biodesign Institute, Arizona State University, US( 1 week) during June 2008 for research interactions with Prof. Bruce Rittmann on Environmental Biotechnology.
  7. Visiting Researcher at Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Rice University, Texas, US(3 weeks) during June-July 2008 for research interaction with Prof. Mike Wong in the research area on nanocatalysis.
  8. Best paper award  for a paper titled “Visible light irradiated photocatalytic reduction of CO2 using novel PANI/CuO nanocomposite in aqueous medium” authored by Ms.Deeksha Mathew and Prof.Vidya Shetty Kin International Conference on Recent Technologies and Advanced Materials for Green Energy and Sustainable Environment (RTAMGESE-Online) organized by Department of Chemical Engineering,National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli held during. March 12-13, 2021. 
  9. Best paper award  ofthe symposium  “Material and Composites”for a paper titled  Microbial induced corrosion behaviour of multilayer nanocomposite coatings for the marine applicationsauthored by Preethi, Shashi Bhushan Arya, Vidya Shetty K, . at  CORCON 2019 held at Jaipur during 23-26 September 2019.
  10. Received Best Paper Award at International conference on Nano science and engineering applications (ICONSEA-2018) held at Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. October 4th to 6th 2018.
  11. Received Best Paper Award at National Conference  on Environmental Conservation -2006 held at BITS Pilani.
  12. Reviewed a Online courseon Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical Technology developed under Pedagogy Research Project of IIT Kharagpur.


  1. Indian patent filed:  Bacterial Based Synthesis of Core Shell AgO@TiO2 Nanoparticles For Photocatalytic Water Disinfection And Dye Degradation Application Number:  201741044068 dtd. 08/12/2017 Inventors: Vidya Shetty K, Afshan Kilpady, Deekshitha


  1.  Recent Advances in Chemical Engineering-Select Proceedings of ICACE-2015 (2016).Editors: I. Regupathi, Vidya Shetty K, T. Murugesan, Springer, Singapore.

 Book Chapters:

  1. M.Minimol, Vidya Shetty K, M.B.Saidutta (2021), Biohydrometallurgical methods and the processes involved in the bioleaching of WEEE.In: Chaudhery Hussain(Ed.) .Environmental Management of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment. Elsevier Pp: 89-107eBook ISBN: 9780128224892.
  2. Minimol M., Shetty K Vidya., Saidutta M.B. (2020), Process Engineering Aspects in Bioleaching of Metals from Electronic Waste. In: Jerold M., Arockiasamy S., Sivasubramanian V. (eds) Bioprocess Engineering for Bioremediation. The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry, vol 104. Springer, Cham.
  3. Sophia S., Vidya Shetty Kodialbail (2020), Phytoremediation of Soil for Metal and Organic Pollutant Removal. In: Jerold M., Arockiasamy S., Sivasubramanian V. (eds) Bioprocess Engineering for Bioremediation. The Handbook of Environmental Chemistry, vol 104. Springer, Cham.
  4. Kulkarni R.M., Vidya Shetty K., Srinikethan G. (2020), Biosorption of Nickel (II) and Cadmium (II). In: Inamuddin, Ahamed M.I., Lichtfouse E., Asiri A.M. (eds) Methods for Bioremediation of Water and Wastewater Pollution. Environmental Chemistry for a Sustainable World, vol 51. Springer, Cham.
  5. Aishwarya Devadiga, Vidya Shetty K, Saidutta M.B (2016) Effect of Precursor Salt  Solution Concentration on the Size of Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized Using Aqueous Leaf Extracts In: Materials,  Energy  and  Environment  Engineering-Select  Proceedings of ICACE 2015.Editors: Mohan B., Raj, Srinikethan, G., Meikap, Bhim Charan (Eds.) pp: 145-151,Springer,Singapore.
  6. Rajeswari M Kulkarni, Vidya Shetty K, G.Srinikethan (2016), Cadmium (II) Biosorption on Brewery Sludge Using Response Surface Methodology. In: Materials, Energy and Environment Engineering-Select Proceedings of ICACE 2015 Editors: Mohan B., Raj, Srinikethan, G., Meikap, Bhim Charan (Eds.)pp: 121-127. Springer ,Singapore.
  7. G.M.Ratnamala, K.Vidya Shetty and G. Srinikethan (2016), Isotherm, Thermodynamic and Kinetics Studies for Removal of Disperse Orange 25 Dye from Contaminated Water Using Adsorption on Acid-Treated Red Mud. In: Recent Advances in Chemical Engineering-Select Proceedings of ICACE-2015. I. Regupathi Vidya Shetty K, T. Murugesan (eds)   pp: 109-118, Springer, Singapore.
  8. Vidya Shetty K,. G. Srinikethan (2012). “Treatment of refinery effluents for phenol removal in pulsed plate bioreactor with immobilized cells of Nocardia hydrocarbonoxydans in waste Management for Sustainable Environment, Editor:Lingaraj Patro(ed), Mangalam Publishers, India.
  9. Rajeswari M Kulkarni, G.Srinikethan and K Vidya Shetty (2012), Biosorption   of      Nickel(II) from aqueous solution using Bacillus laterosporus.In: Prospects in Bioscience: Addressing the Issues”Publisher: Springer, India.
  10. Vidya Shetty K, R.Ramanjaneyulu,G. Srinikethan (2005)   Biodegradation  of  Phenol  in  a  Pulsed  Plate  Bioreactor  using Immobilized  Cells,  Proceedings  of  International  Conference  on  Environmental Management(ICEM-2005) Theme: Pollution Control And Technologies,  Anji Reddy (ed.) B.S. Publications. Hyderabad, India. ISBN: 8178001055 Pp 180-186.
  11. Vidya Shetty K, I.Kalifathulla,  G.Srinikethan,Aerobic Phenol Biodegradation in a Pulsed Plate Biofilm Reactor  2007   Proceedings of International  Conferenceon  Cleaner Technologies and Environmental Management (ICCTEM'07), Pondicherry Alliedpublishers Pvt. Ltd.,Chennai,pp150-155.
  12. Ratnamala G M,Vidya Shetty K,Srinikethan G(2012) . Adsorption studies of Remazol Brilliant Blue dye from an aqueous solution using red mud, In: Sustainable Waste Management,  Ghosh S K, Stegmann R,Wong J, Jing Yuan, W, Agamuthu P, Muffat J.C, Dey P K, Krurp R (Ed.) , International Society of Waste Management,Air and Water, Oxford Publishing House, Kolkata, India  , Pages:1001-1004.

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