Chinta Sankar Rao


Assistant Professor

Date of Joining at NITK: 

Monday, May 30, 2016

Professional Experience: 

6 years of Professional experience out of which 4 years at NITK
May 2016 – present : Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, NITK, Surathkal
July 2015 – May 2016 : Temporary Faculty, Department of Chemical Engineering, NITT, Tamilnadu
July 2008 – May 2009 : Ad-hoc Faculty, Department of Chemical Engineering, IGIT, Sarang, Odisha

Contact Details



(+91) 824-2473639
Academic Background

Ph.D. - Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai & 2015
M.Tech. - Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, West Bengal & 2011
B.Tech. - Indira Gandhi Institute of Technology, Sarang & 2008

Areas of Interest

Process Dynamics and Control, Model Predictive Control, Process Modelling and Simulation, Subspace Identification, Machine Learning, Process optimization, Crystallization Systems Engineering

Supervision of Ph.D

Ongoing: 3

Significant Publications

1. Purushottam Patil, Sanjith S. Anchan, Chinta Sankar Rao, Improved PID Controller Design for an Unstable Second Order Plus Time Delay Non-Minimum Phase Systems, Results in Control and Optimization, 7, 100117, 2022.

2. Abdul Basith Ashraf, Chinta Sankar Rao, Multiobjective temperature trajectory optimization for unseeded batch cooling crystallization of aspirin, Computers & Chemical Engineering, 160, 107704, 2022.

3. Bharat Desikan, Pranav Krishna, Chinta Sankar Rao, Simultaneous separation of ternary mixture using modified dual compression middle vessel batch distillation column: control and dynamic optimization, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers , 131, 104206, 2022.

4. Sanjith S. Anchan, Chinta Sankar Rao, Centralized PI Controller design for Activated Sludge Process, Chemical Engineering Technology, 45(3), 467-478, 2022.

5. Dadi V. Suriapparao, Tanneru Hemanth Kumar, B. Rajasekhar Reddy, Attada Yerrayya, B. Abhinaya Srinivas, Pandian Sivakumar, S. Reddy Prakash, Chinta Sankar Rao, Veluru Sridevi, J. Desinghu, Role of ZSM5 catalyst and char susceptor on the synthesis of chemicals and hydrocarbons from microwave-assisted in-situ catalytic co-pyrolysis of algae and plastic wastes, Renewable Energy , 181, 990-999, 2022. DOI:

6. Pranav Krishna, Bharat Desikan, Chinta Sankar Rao, Control and Dynamic Optimization of Middle Vessel Batch Distillation Column for the Separation of Ethanol/Propanol/Butanol Mixture, Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 176, 267-278, 2021. DOI:

7. Ishita Goyal, Supreetha Reddy R, Chinta Sankar Rao, A Simple Method to Design a Decoupler for a Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell, Chemical Engineering Technology, 45(3), 432-440, 2022. DOI: 10.1002/ceat.202100467

8. Gourav Yadav, G. Uday Kiran and Chinta Sankar Rao, Robust optimal centralized PI controller for a Fluid catalytic cracking Unit, Chemical Product and Process Modeling, 2020, DOI:

9. Sanjith S. Anchan and C. Sankar Rao, Robust Decentralized PID controller design for an Activated Sludge Process, Asia Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2020, DOI:

10. Abhishek, Indraneel Pulidindi and C. Sankar Rao, Novel strategies for glucose production from biomass using heteropoly acid catalyst, Renewable Energy, 159, 215-220, 2020.

11. M. Satya Narayana, G. Arthanareeswaran and C. Sankar Rao, Dynamic performance comparison of two configurations of middle vessel batch distillation column for the separation of ethanol/propanol/butanol mixture, Asia Pacific Journal of Chemical Engineering, 2020, DOI:

12. Prabhu Teja Y and C. Sankar Rao, Design of Robust PI Controller with Decoupler for a Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 58, 45, 20722-20733, 2019, DOI:

13. Purushottam Patil and C. Sankar Rao, Enhanced PID Controller for Non-Minimum Phase Second Order Plus Time Delay System, Chemical Product and Process Modeling, 14 (3), 2019

14. V. Dhanya Ram and C. Sankar Rao. Identification and Control of an Unstable SOPTD system with positive zero, Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, 44, 757-762, 2019

15. A. Sahoo, T. K. Radhakrishnan and C. Sankar Rao. Modeling and control of a real time shell and tube heat exchanger, Resource-Efficient Technologies , 3, 124-132, 2017.

16. C. Sankar Rao and M. Chidambaram. Subspace Identification of Unstable Transfer Function Models, Indian Chemical Engineer, 57, 1-20, 2015.

17. C. Sankar Rao and M. Chidambaram. Experimental application of subspace identification of an unstable system, International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics, 7, 70-76, 2015.

18. C. Sankar Rao and M. Chidambaram. Subspace identification of transfer function models for an unstable bioreactor. Chemical Engineering Communication, 202(10), 1296-1303, 2015.

19. S. Mohanta, C. S. Rao, A. B. Daram, S. Chakraborty and B. C. Meicap, Air Dense Medium Fluidized Bed for Dry Beneficiation of Coal: Technological Challenges for Future, Particulate Science and Technology,, 31: pp. 16-27, 2013.

20. C. S. Rao and K. Barik, Modelling, Simulation and Control of Middle Vessel Batch Distillation Column, Procedia Engineering,, vol. 38, pp. 2383-2397, 2012.


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