Dr. Gangamma S - Conferences and Workshops

Seminars / Workshops organized

1)     Coordinator for the National Workshop on “Trends in Aerosol Research- Climate and Health” from 25-26th November 2005, at Chemical Engineering Department NITKSurathkal.

2) Coordinator for the Workshop on “Air Quality Analysis and Water Quality Analysis" from 8- 16th August 2005, at Chemical Engineering Department NITKSurathkal under TEQIP networking program.


3)     Student coordinator for two days National Conference on “Advances in Environmental Engineering and Science” CESEIIT Bombay, during  8th and  9th  December 2003.

List of papers presented in conferences

1) Gangamma S. Low level endotoxemia not associated with endotoxin tolerance or priming. 40th Annual conference organized by Indian Immunology Society, New Delhi, India, November 15-17, 2013.

2) Gangamma S., Patil, R.S.  Mukherji, S. and Chakravortty, D. (2011) Measurement and characterization of biological activities of ambient particular matter at different locations in Mumbai. 104th Annual conference and exhibition organized by Air & Waste Management Association, Orlando, USA, June 21-23, 2011 (Reference Number: 2011-A-378-AWMA).

3) Gangamma S., Patil, R.S.  Mukherji, S. and Chakravortty, D. (2010) Characteristics and associated health parameters of bioaerosols in Mumbai, India. Envirovision-2010. Organized by Indian environmental association & Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. November 23-26.

Awarded the first prize in poster presentation

4) Varghese, S. K., and Gangamma. S. (2007) Numerical implementation of cloud droplet activation parameterization in large scale models, International symposium on aerosol – chemistry – climate interactions, November 21-23, PRLAhmedabad, India.

5) Gangamma. S., Varghese, S. K., Patil, R. S., and Sethi, V. (2005) Effect of natural and forced ventilation systems on decay and deposition rates of particles produced by indoor sources in Indian urban households, Indoor air 2005, September 4-9, Beijing, China.

6) Varghese. S. K., Gangamma. S., Patil, R. S., and Sethi, V. (2005) Mass size distributions of fine particulate matter from cooking and estimation of the deposition in the human respiratory system, Indoor air 2005, September 4-9, Beijing, China.

7) Gangamma. S., and Varghese, S. K., (2005) Particle deposition studies in experimental chamber and indoor rooms, Asian Aerosol Conference 2005, December 13-16, Mumbai, India.

8) Varghese, S. K., and Gangamma. S., (2005) Deposition of semi volatile organic compounds in human respiratory system, Asian Aerosol Conference 2005, December 13-16, Mumbai, India.

9) Gangamma. S., Patil, R. S., Varghese, S. K., and Sethi, V. (2005) Personal Exposure to Women in Urban Households, Indo-Norwegian seminar, IIT Kanpur, June 24-25.

10) Gangamma. S., Varghese, S. K., Patil, R. S., and Sethi, V. (2004) Monitoring and control of indoor air pollution, International Conference on: Aerosols clouds and Indian monsoon, November 15-17, IIT Kanpur.

11) Gangamma. S., Patil, R. S., and Sethi, V. (2004) Indoor air pollution due to domestic cooking in urban households, NHEEI seminar, Bangalore University, Bangalore, November 16-19.


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