Dr Gangamma S - Publications

List of publication in indexed journals:

International Journals:

1) Gangamma S. 2014.Charcterization of airborne bacteria in Mumbai urban city. Science of the Total Environment. Vol.488-489,70.

2) Gangamma S. 2013. Airborne particulate matter and acute lung inflammation.    Environmental Health PerspectivesVol 121(1),11.

3) Gangamma S. 2012. Airborne particulate matter and innate immunity activation.Environmental Science and TechnologyVol 46(20) 10879.

4) Gangamma S. 2012. Airborne particulate matter associated endotoxin and proinflammatory responses. Journal of Allergy and Clinical ImmunologyVol 130(4), 1012.

5) Gangamma S, Patil R.S., Mukherji S. 2011. Characterization and proinflammatory response of airborne biological particles from wastewater treatment plants. Environmental Science and Technology. 45:3282-3287.

6) Varghese, S K. and Gangamma S. 2009. Particle deposition in human respiratory system: deposition of concentrated hydroscopic aerosols, Inhalation Toxicology, 2, 1619-630.

7) Varghese, S. K., Gangamma. S. (2007) Sectional model for aerosol dynamics in a laminar flow reactor, Aerosol and Air quality Research, 7(1), 46.

8) Varghese, S. K., Gangamma. S. (2007) Evaporation of water droplets by radiation: effect of absorbing inclusions, Aerosol and Air quality Research, 7(1), 95-105

9) Varghese, S. K., Gangamma. S. (2006) Particle Deposition in Human Respiratory Tract: Effect of Water-Soluble Fraction, Aerosol and Air quality Research,6(4), 360-379.

10) Varghese, S. K., Gangamma. S., Patil, R. S., and Sethi, V. (2005) Particulate respiratory dose to Indian women from domestic cooking, Aerosol Science & Technology, 39(12), 1201-1207.

11) Patil, R. S., Sethi, V., Varghese, S. K., and Gangamma, S. (2005) Personal exposure to Aerosols in urban homes, Bulletin of American Meteorogical Society, 86(9), 1226.

National Journals

1) Gangamma. S., and Varghese, S. K., (2005) Particle deposition studies in experimental chamber and indoor rooms, IASTA Bulletin, 17(1), 162-164

2) Varghese, S. K., and Gangamma. S., (2005) Deposition of semi volatile organic compounds in human respiratory system, IASTA Bulletin. 17(1), 589-590

3) Gangamma. S., Varghese, S. K., Patil, R. S., and Sethi, V. (2004) Monitoring and control of air pollution exposure due to domestic cooking in urban areas, IASTA Bulletin, 16(2), 312-315


List of books written

S. GangammaRashmi S. Patil and Virendra Sethi. Indoor air pollution due to domestic cooking in urban households. Environmental Science and Technology in India. Edited by Arvind Kumar and R.K.Somashekar. Daya Publishing House. Delhi, 290-296, 2008.


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